Ulrico Noksas.LT is also in american type and we love him so much. Ulrico is a young male and he came to us 14 June 2016. He is my dream I love his colour his curls and his personality. 

Ulrico Noksas.LT



Well Ulrico did it. Yeah!!! We was in Narbonne 21-21 January for showing Ulrico and Voque and Ulrico took best Prices. Best in Variety, NOM, Best in Show, Best of Best(Best General) in shorthairclass at Sathurday and Sunday! People adored Ulrico and Voque. I am very happy.

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Cornish Rex Ulrico Noksas.LT
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Sprichwörter von Pablo Picasso

Katzen sind die rücksichtsvollsten und aufmerksamsten Gesellschafter, die man sich wünschen kann.

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