Cornish Rex, Zuchtkatze, Lockenkatze, Cornish Rex Breed, Cat,Katze
Virginia Noksas.LT Oktober 2016

ICH Virginia Noksas.LT



Blood group-A


HCM & PKD-normal

Microsporum Canis-nagative


Virginia is our first Cornish Rex female in american type. Thats what all judges wants to see an cat exhibitions. 

Virginia was at cat exhibitions in germany and she had many nice prices like Best of Best, Best in Show, Best in Breed, Best in Colour and made her Title -International Champion.

It was exhibitions with WCF system.

Virginia is a very good catmommy, she takes such a good care about her kittens and even with six kittens she had a lot of milk and it was enought for all six babys till 3 month old, of course they started to eat in the age of 4 weeks some meat. 

Virginia loves our children and my kids love her and playing with her every day. its fun to watsch it.


Cornish Rex, Zuchtkatze, Lockenkatze, Cornish Rex Breed, Cat,Katze
Baby Virginia 8 weeks old
cat katze gato cornish rex breed cornish rex rassenkatzen kittens gatitos kätzchen
Baby Virginia saying Hi!!!

Sprichwörter von Pablo Picasso

Katzen sind die rücksichtsvollsten und aufmerksamsten Gesellschafter, die man sich wünschen kann.

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