Little angels arrived our beautiful world at 8 February 2017. 

5 kittens, one baby girl and 4 boys. All of them doing well and Mommy feeling well too. We are very happy.


My dears we are waiting for kittens and getting so exiting about February 2017 and we have so many questions like how many kittens are there? how do they look like? boys or  girls? colours?

It´s most exiting time, stay with us and you´ll see

My Dears You are so very WELCOME hier.


I´m working on this page to create it in english, please be patiently. You can WhatsApp me+34604237149 or mailing me "" or calling me any time for any questions. I do speak this beautiful language names english.


Sprichwörter von Pablo Picasso

Katzen sind die rücksichtsvollsten und aufmerksamsten Gesellschafter, die man sich wünschen kann.

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