Virginia es me primera gata en el typo americano.

Nosotros tenemos dos gatas y un macho. Cada ano un o dos camadas. Cada gata tiene una camada en uno ano. 

We are very small Cattery, right now we have only one female and one male. Both are cheked for:

HCM & PKD-normal


Blood group-A

Microsporum Canis-nagative



"A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes."

Kittens kittens everywhere
Kittens chewing on my hair
Kittens climbing up my jeans
Kittens hanging from the screens
There's a kitten on each shoulder
Will they do this when they're older?

Kittens fighting on the chairs
Kittens tumbling down the stairs
There's a kitten on my head
There's a kitten in the bread!
There's a kitten in my shoe
I don't believe we just have two!


"A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes."


Sprichwörter von Pablo Picasso

Katzen sind die rücksichtsvollsten und aufmerksamsten Gesellschafter, die man sich wünschen kann.

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